Sweaty Palms And Feet

Excessive sweating has been causing many people too much discomfort and anxiety, to the extent that has affected their normal day-to-day activities and social relations. In this case, heavy perspiration particularly sweaty palms and feet, has become a real and imminent problem that cannot be disregarded anymore. Thus, people ought to know some basic information as to what they are going through and what they can do to alleviate their situation.

Sweaty palms and sweating feet are only two of other kinds of hyperhidrosis. This is a disease attributable to a person’s abnormal intense sweating. Other manifestations of the disorder are face and armpit sweating. All of these are the particular kinds of hyperhidrosis. It could be more general as well like when it appears throughout a person’s body. To be more specific, sweaty palms and feet are known as palmar hyperhidrosis and plantar hyperhidrosis respectively. They occur when there is over-activity in the person’s sympathetic nervous system, the one responsible for regulating the body’s sweat glands, which targets the person’s palms and feet.

The above cause of sweaty palms and feet only pertains to a person’s genetic or physiological make-up. Other reasons involve environmental and physical, emotional or psychological and factors. For example, the excessive sweating could only be brought about by a sudden change in the weather or climate. A person may have been residing in a place with tropical climate, which he is not really accustomed to; or the temperature is just extremely high probably due to global warming. On the other hand, a person may not just be feeling well at all like he is sick with influenza, diabetes, hyperthyroidism or obesity; or that he is just feeling tense or apprehensive about something; or that the person is just undergoing some hormonal changes; or he is just going through a strenuous exercise.

Sweaty palms and feet especially caused by hyperhidrosis may be treated. Surgical procedures like thoracoscopic sympathectomy have been medically recognized, as well as a procedure known as iontophoresis, which involves the electric stimulation of the affected areas. Another course of action would be a botox injection or acupuncture. Also, there are prescribed and over-the-counter oral and topical medications. In all of these instances, it is very important for the patient to first consult with his trusted physician for the best treatment that is applicable to him. It would also help to do extensive research especially as regards the bodily invasive procedures.

For the feet and sweaty palms treatment, it would help for the person to apply hand and foot anti-perspirants and deodorants like the ones made of talcum or alum powder. Of course, while avoiding unnecessary strenuous activities, a good exercise with proper diet and water hydration can effectively minimize sweating. Complete these with personal de-stressing and relaxation techniques. Another tip to stop sweaty hands and feet would be for the person to bring with him a hand towel wherever he goes. For the footwear, it is advisable that a person wear shoes with more breathing space for the air to pass through and to keep the feet dry. Otherwise, he must only wear 100% cotton socks with closed shoes. Cotton is comfortable and dries easily. Also, for the ladies, it is suggested that they were strapped sandals to keep their feet from slipping.